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Okuda San Miguel Transforms the Walls of an Italian Kindergarten Into a Prismatic Fairytale 


All images provided by Ink and Movement.

Okuda San Miguel (previously here and here) recently visited the Italian town of Arcugnano with his assistant Antonyo Marest to paint five different murals on the walls of the town’s kindergarten. The five murals contain birds, bears, and a winged lion—each radiating a spectrum of colors that seem to animate the mystical creatures. San Miguel was watched closely by an audience of the kindergarten’s students as he completed the murals, each work inspired by positivity, love, freedom, and nature. You can see this and other works on the artist’s Instagram.










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New Rainbow-Hued Origami Street Art by Mademoiselle Maurice 


Mademoiselle Maurice’s work hanging from the Museum of National Art Singapore, all images via Mademoiselle Maurice.


Museum of National Art Singapore

It’s been a few years since we last featured French street artist Mademoiselle Maurice (previously here and here) and we were delighted to catch up with her new artfully placed pieces on the streets and buildings of Singapore, Corsica, Sweden, and Italy. Arranged both haphazardly and in detailed arrangements, Mademoiselle Maurice adheres thousands of brightly colored origami works to unexpected places, decorating everything from the ceilings of national art museums to the worn sides of ancient buildings. You can see more of her origami works on her Instagram and Facebook. (via Wooster Collective)


Malmo, Sweden


Malmo, Sweden


Malmo, Sweden


Porto-Vecchio, Corsica


Porto-Vecchio, Corsica


San Potito, Italy


San Potito, Italy

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A New 3D Graffiti Mural in Hong Kong by Peeta 


Venice-based artist Peeta merges his passions for graffiti writing, sculpture, and design in his large-scale spray murals that look like swirling three dimensional objects that float just above a wall or canvas. The trompe l’oeil artworks take on the form of graffiti-like letterforms but aren’t necessarily meant to be read or deciphered. Instead the pieces focus more on the use of line, shadow, and color to build impressive voluminous shapes that explode in every direction.

Peeta created this latest mural for the HKWALLS festival. The piece occupies a giant facade on a busy Hong Kong intersection above the Golden Computer Arcade and draws its color for neighboring buildings and signs. You can see his behind-the-scenes process over on Behance.







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Secret Rooms Installed Inside Abandoned Manhole Covers on the Streets of Milan 




In this new series of outdoor installations artist Briancoshock has turned abandoned manhole covers on the streets of Milan into cramped miniature rooms complete with hanging artwork, kitchen utencils, and tiled walls. Titled Borderlife, the artist says the admittedly humorous pieces are meant to draw attention to a more serious issue in Bucharest, where many hundreds of people now live underground in the sewer system. You can learn more about these newest interventions on his website and on Facebook. (via StreetArtNews, This Isn’t Happiness)

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New Walls and Canvases by Pichi & Avo That Mix Classic Greek Imagery With Graffiti Writing 


Mural in Boras, image via Pichi & Avo

Although Pichi & Avo (previously here and here) have continued to focus on their signature style of classic Greek gods and mythology intermixed graffiti writing, their works have now migrated off the wall and onto the canvas. The duo still produces stories-high murals, like the two they contributed to the Puerto Street Art Festival in late 2015, but have also began to incorporate their work into a gallery setting. This past December they presented two acrylic and aerosol canvases at SCOPE art fair with C.A.V.E. Gallery, each appearing like a cross-section of one of their larger wall murals.

The two are also in a group exhibition titled “Rough Cast” currently at Colab Gallery in Germany through May 7, 2016. You can see more of Pichi & Avo’s murals from across the world on their Instagram. (via StreetArtNews)


Mural in Valencia, image via Pichi & Avo


Mural in Valencia, image via Pichi & Avo


“Bacchus Education,″ acrylic and aerosol on canvas, 57” x 45” (146 x 114 cm). Courtesy C.A.V.E. Gallery.


Courtesy Colab Gallery.


“Urban Warrior” at the Puerto Street Art Festival in Puerto de la Cruz, image via Pichi & Avo


Close up of “Urban Warrior” at the Puerto Street Art Festival in Puerto de la Cruz, image via Pichi & Avo


Mural in Fondi-Italy, image by Arianna Barone

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