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Warped Street Art Portraiture by Stamatis Laskos 

Stamatis Laskos (1)

Stamatis Laskos (2)

Stamatis Laskos (3)

Stamatis Laskos (4)

Stamatis Laskos (5)

Stamatis Laskos (6)

Stamatis Laskos (7)

Stamatis Laskos (8)


“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter,” said Oscar Wilde. “It is not he who is revealed by the painter; it is rather the painter who, on the coloured canvas, reveals himself.” Never has this quote seemed more true than while admiring the street art of Stamatis Laskos, a 29-year old Greek artist who lives and works in Athens. He creates warped portraits of friends and other everyday people (as well as the occasional animal) through highly stylized depictions that are alive with detail, depth and dimension. Here are a few examples what he’s done over the last few years on the streets of Greece. He’s currently inspiring a group of budding young artists as an art instructor for an elementary school. You can follow him and his elongated necks and legs over on behance.

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Detailed Stencil Street Art by Jana & JS 







Jana & JS are a street art duo currently based in Austria who specialize in detailed stencil work, frequently depicting people with cameras or couples sharing intimate moments. Shown here are a few pieces from recent stops in the German countryside and Brookyln, see much more on their website and on Facebook. (via Hi-Fructose, StreetArtNews)

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Tomcat Brothers: The Illustrated Adventures of Two Space Age Boys and Their Graffiti Cat 











Digital painter and concept artist Piotr Jabłoński creates brutally detailed paintings for videogames and comic books which often veer into the realm of horror, but in his spare time dabbles in somewhat tamer sketches and other random ideas that he shares with fans on Facebook. A few months ago he stumbled onto the idea of two small brothers in futuristic space helmets who explore the world with a feline pal, a giant cat mural that follows them everywhere, provided there’s a wall. The response online has been incredible, with fans demanding an art book or even an entire comic book series. While nothing is concrete yet you can see more on Behance, and a few of the panels are available now as prints.

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Impermanent Animal Murals Drawn with Chalk and Oil Pastel by Philippe Baudelocque 











French artist Philippe Baudelocque is known for his street murals of animals created with impermenant mediums like chalk or white oil pastels. Each animal is created with a mosaic of delicate line work in the form of organic and geometric patterns that merge to form each piece. Baudelocque most recently participated in the ongoing BergeStreet art event along the banks of the Seine in Paris where he drew the rhinocerous pieces above. You can see much more over on his website. (via Arrested Motion)

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‘Mobile Lovers’ & ‘Spy Booth’: New Murals from Banksy 




After a brief hiatus from his whirlwind New York residency last October, Banksy emerged with at least two new pieces over the weekend. The first depicts a trio of shady government officials crowding around a phone booth using analog recording devices to eavesdrop on conversations. That piece popped up in Cheltenham, a borough of Gloucestershire, England which is not coincidentally home of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). The second piece which depicts two lovers basking in the light of their mobile devices just appeared on Banksy’s website and is also presumably in the UK.

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Gargantuan Street Murals by Aryz 

ARYZ (1)

“Overprotection” | Linz, Austria 2014


“Double Tie” | Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain 2013

ARYZ (2)

Oslo, Norway 2013

ARYZ (3)

“Grateful death” | Köln, Germany 2013

ARYZ (4)

“feat. OsGemeos” | Lodz, Poland 2012

ARYZ (5)

“Rotten apples” | San Francisco, USA 2013


“Monkey Business” | St. Denis, Reunion Island 2012


“love letter” | Lodz, Poland 2012

If you’re trying to find the globe-trotting Spanish street artist Aryz, you’ll have to look up. Because in whatever city he happens to be in, the prominent artist will typically be hoisted 100ft above street level converting large building facades into public canvases. And buildings aren’t the only thing he’s climbed. At just 25 years of age, Aryz (pronounced “Areez”) has risen to be amongst the top ranks of world-renowned street artists like Banksy and ROA.

Aryz was born in Palo Alto but moved back to Spain when he was just three. He began painting (in the form of graffiti) as a teenager, and his style evolved – in part, from his art studies in college – to what it is today. Bones are a recurring motif in the artist’s work, and so are skin-like muted colors. “I feel it’s really aggressive when you paint in a public space, so I don’t really want to play with bright colors,” said Aryz. “It would be too much.”

Have a look at some of his latest pieces, which includes the artist’s most latest: “Overprotection,” painted in late March, on a large industrial building in Linz, Austria. You can follow the artist on Facebook or Instagram.

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New Murals from Blu on the Streets of Italy 

Niscemi, Italy

Niscemi, Italy

Niscemi, Italy

Niscemi, Italy

Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy

Rome, Italy

Messina, Italy

Messina, Italy

Messina, Italy

Over the last year artist Blu has dropped a number of killer murals in several Italian cities, most recently in Niscemi (top) where he created a three-story piece depicting a military figure playing a weaponized xylophone. Despite the extreme visual density present in Blu’s latest works, it’s impossible to miss his perspective on contemporary society from his skewering of religion and consumerism to his distaste for war and injustice. The last images shown here are parts of a massive mural painted last August in Messina, Italy—you really need to see the piece in its entirety to grasp it fully.

If you want to learn more about the context behind all of these pieces, StreetArtNews has you covered.

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