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Vika Palatova

A great capture from Moscow-based photographer Vika Palatova.

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How to do levitation photography

A helpful tutorial showing how to make levitation photographs. It involves lots of jumping and cursing, so you know. (via flickr)

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Light Illustrations by Darren Pearson

I have probably seen hundreds of photographs made using in-camera lighting effects, some with simple shapes to typography, and even television ads. However this series of animal and dinosaur skeletons from San Diego-based photographer Darren Pearson seem to be on a wholly different level. I have no idea how he can make something so complex in a single photograph.

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The superhero in me is tired

A great image by Manchester-based photographer Rosie Hardy who has a killer photostream.

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Jakob Hunosøe

Jakob Hunosøe is a Danish photographer who slightly alters ordinary objects to create these humorous and unexpected images. These are five of my favorite photos from his On Things Ordinary series.

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Where’s your head at

At its core the basic premise of this photo series by Italian photographer and designer Francesco Brunotti isn’t something tremendously new, that is the digital removal of objects from images, for instance Seats by Jens Sage. But in its art direction and execution something wonderful emerges and I found myself smiling hugely. See his first series, and the second.

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Inner Space

Inner Space is a lovely series of photos by London-based Owen Silverwood that depicts miniaturized spacecraft blasting through confined aquatic landscapes. Thanks Owen for sharing your work with Colossal! (via notcot)

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