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Minimalist Juice Packaging

This is some of the most honest and beautiful packaging I’ve encountered in a while. Designed by Doubleday and Cartwright for BluePrintJuice, the entire label is simply a list of plain ingredients printed in a color that contrasts with the juice inside. If only all food packaging could be this user-friendly. Steve Jobs would approve. (via design work life)

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Jing Zhang’s Industrial Typography

UK-based graphic designer and illustrator Jing Zhang is currently working on a beautiful series of isometric letters, rendering typographical forms as small industrial buildings, machines, factories, and landscapes. Via Behance she says the hardest part isn’t creating them, but finishing them, and that she’s running out of patience. Maybe we should encourage her a bit? I can’t wait to see the rest of these. See more of the series here.

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Love this wooden typographic sculpture of the typeface Avant Garde (entitled Avantgarde) by artist Damien Roach. Click image above for a bit more detail. (via typeverything)

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Ice Typography

Cameron Zotter, a design student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, made this typeface by photographing uppercase letters made of ice at specific points during the process of melting. The final image of melting letterforms is really striking, would make a nice print. See also: snow typography.(via found by james)

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We Are All Part of the Same Thing

Australian artist Dominique Falla created this stunning thread and nail poster as an entry for this year’s Positive Posters competition. Via the Tactile Typographer:

The idea was born because I wanted to enter the Positive Posters competition and I wanted to do some wound string, so the concept of an interlocking network was born. I came up with a phrase, set it in trusty Helvetica, worked out how the nail grid would have to work, then I spent 6 hours nailing little tiny nails into an MDF board (I had a little help from passersby in the workshop) and another 4 hours winding coloured cotton and hey presto.

If you ask me it sounds like the poster competition has a winner. Head on over to Positive Posters to give it a vote. (thnx, dominique!)

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Nail Packaging

I love this clever nail packaging by design student Pier-Philippe Rioux who proposed this as part of a class assignment. The nails are situated to create the numerals depicting their individual length. Brilliant. (via packaging uqam)

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Yes/No by Markus Raetz

New to me, this wonderful typographical sculpture by Markus Raetz. (via nevver)

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