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Photocopied Hand Typography

Handschrift is an experimental typeface by designer José Ernesto Rodriguez out of Berlin who created each letterform with a single photocopy of his hands. (via typegoodness)

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Good Design Lasts

I’m a sucker for huge signs made with pencils, and this work from Spagnola & Associates is no exception. Via their web site:

In 2011 Spagnola & Associates faced the challenge of designing their new office space. They created a 20′ wide dimensional wall to stimulate ideas and complete the office. 2,804 pencils were hammered into pre-drilled holes in the panels.

(via quipsologies)

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How to create a ligature

David Schwen demonstrates how typographic ligatures are created. It’s all about the details. (via notcot)

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Liquid Typography

Russian designer Ruslan Khasanov made this liquid font, au revoir, by pouring wet ink on wet paper to form each letter and then shot nearly 600 digital photos. After selecting the best images he made a few color corrections in Photoshop and the typeface was born. See the entire project here. (via ad week)

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The Big Harumph

Loving these letterpress prints from Wichita-based print shop The Big Harumph. (via my wife’s svpply page which is awesome)

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Dan Tobin Smith

Beautiful typographic installations from by artist Dan Tobin Smith. Posting will be light during the holiday, back in full force Monday! (via cartwheel galaxy)

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American Gastronomy Map

I grew up in Mashed Potatoes but now I live in Popcorn, which is funny because that’s basically all I had for lunch yesterday. Prints available here. (via pinterest)

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