Minimalist bottle openers

After discovering Brendan Ravenhill’s excellent wood and nail bottle opener, I started thinking about how I’ve always appreciated the simplistic bottle opener over anything more ornamental or complex. Searching around online I realized that bottle openers are much like watches, in that there are literally thousands of designs that accomplish the exact same task. Here are some of the best I found.

The marli bottle opener from Alessi, designed by Steven Blaess. Admittedly this is the opener we’ve been using here at headquarters since 2008 and I love its ergonomic steely goodness.

The mono up & zu.


The Iittalia Collective Tools opener designed by Antonio Citterio.

A vintage German Monopol corkscrew and wine opener. (looks like he only has this one available)

Hermetus Bottle Opener, also by Monopol. (how fun is this Kiosk site?)

Nothing beats the simplicity or the price of a good old fashioned church key opener.

And finally the Japanese Alps 7 Opener available at Kiosk.

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