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Tony Orrico, Penwald Drawings

November 15, 2010

Christopher Jobson

The latest work from Illinois-born artist and dancer Tony Orrico. Tony has worked/performed continuously for upward of four hours on his drawings that resemble enormous, manically scribbled spirographs. Here he explains his process for Penwald 4 (top image):

Penwald: 4: unison symmetry standing is the latest of my Penwald Drawings. I stand facing the wall in a stationary stance, using my arm span, bilateral movement, and alternating variables to inscribe three large circles. In circle one (day one), my right hand spontaneously navigates as my left hand instantly copies and reverses the patterning. In circle two (day two), I repeat this practice with the left hand leading. For the center circle (day three), both hands direct simultaneously, striving for perfect unison. I expand the surface area of the center circle by introducing bending my knees and rising to my toes. As a result of twelve hours of sustained mental and kinesthetic focus, the resemblance of six hemispheres appear. The remnants are beautifully intricate, but as is inherent in the nature of symmetries, they are also rather faulty.

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