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The Variations of Goku (Les Variacions Goku)

December 28, 2010

Christopher Jobson

I love this type of project. The Variations of Goku was a collaboration between nine artists to paint the exact same portrait in their own styles, allowing the subtle (and extreme) differences in their technique show through.

The idea of “Les variacions Goku” was conceived through a café (actually, a pub) conversation. Two artists decided to meet up and resume their collective art practices in which they explored the same subject. The initial idea was quite simple: a portrait of the same person, 2 x 2 meters (6,56 x 6,56 feet), and on the same support. Initially, they were tempted to use a well known, recognizable model (they even considered Josep Guardiola), but they soon rejected the idea to avoid too strong a focus on the model itself. At the same time, they didn’t want to do a conceptual work similar to those of Pop Art artists. Therefore they chose an ordinary person, known as Goku, who has expressive facial traits and works as a technical electrician in Olot’s theatre.

The official web site also has a small interactive piece that shows how the images align. (via behance)

#painting #portraits


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