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iPad Joystick Roundup

January 9, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Lots of neat stuff floating around about iPads and video game controls this week so here’s a quick recap of what I’ve seen.

1. Fling

Fling is a tactile pad that suctions onto your iPad for precision gaming for use with any app utilizing a virtual joystick.


The JOYSTICK-IT is a real virtual joystick that adheres to your iPad and requires no batteries or wires. Supposedly it may work with iPhone as well but success may vary.

3. iCADE

Last year Think Geek announced the iCADE concept as one of their annual April Fool’s pranks. However the response was so astounding (and I imagine such a colossal letdown that it didn’t actually exist) that Ion Audio, Think Geek, and Atari have teamed up to officially make this portable arcade cabinet a reality.



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