#furniture #New York #recycling #upcycling #wood

Made of New York: Upcycled modern furniture from discarded Manhattan lumber

January 4, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Made of New York is a simple, modern furniture collection constructed from industrial-era materials salvaged from demolished buildings. The furniture is the brainchild of former creative director of Ikea Sweden, John-Michael Ekeblad, furniture designer Jonathan Locke and timber-sourcing expert Brian Kane.

The process begins with sourcing the wood, much of which comes from torn down 19th-century buildings. In determining the use for each part the team aims to have “minimal treatment of the wood in favor of sustaining its naturally worn out beauty and charm.” The resulting pieces are each completed within five to ten days, using water-based stains and sealers and wood plugs whenever necessary.

Available now through NewYorkCitySnaps. (via cool hunting)

#furniture #New York #recycling #upcycling #wood


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