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Over It: 14 Miles of String

January 25, 2011

Christopher Jobson

This stringed typography was an experiment in collaboration between no less than eighteen Portland creatives for a 2010 show called OVER IT.

Can 18 disparate Portland artists, writers, designers, art directors, fashion designers and illustrators get together and work as a singular unit to make art? Probably not. But Chris Hutchinson, Damion Triplett, David Neevel, Jelly Helm studio, Jennie Hayes, Jimm Lasser, Julia Blackburn, Julia Oh, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Marco Kaye, Mike Giepert, Official MFG CO, Portland Foreign Legion, Scrappers, and Taylor Twist got together and tried anyway.

The result is OVER IT, an experiment in creating as a group, letting go, disagreement, misunderstanding, backpedaling and trust.

Lots more photos here. (via designspiration and aaron rayburn)

#installation #string #words


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