#graffiti #street art #string #yarn bombing


March 10, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Work from Minneapolis street art duo HOTTEA, who decided to explore alternate avenues of guerilla art after being arrested for spray-paint graffiti. Via

The HOTTEA project developed after a trip to jail, but it was also heavily inspired by past experiences: A grandmother teaching the skill of knitting, anti-gay bullying from kids at school, and, most importantly, the relationships that that were developed along the way — negative, or positive. HOTTEA explains, “The HOTTEA project embodies the similarities and differences in all of us. I wanted to base the project off an idea that had room for growth. We are always growing as people and the dynamic between people gives endless possibilities.”

See more of their yarn bombing work on Flickr. (via unurth)

#graffiti #street art #string #yarn bombing


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