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Marble Run 2D

March 8, 2011

Christopher Jobson

PLAMA Marble Run 2D is a magnetic marble game for both children and adults designed by Swiss firm Bernhard | Burkhard. The entire set consists of 12 magnetic planes that can be rearranged on a vertical surface resulting in a subtle groove that can be traversed by a marble. Via their web site:

There are thousand ways to create an individual path for the marble that can be reorganised shortly. […] Plama may help to develop creativity and logical thinking. It can increase the understanding of two dimensional space and proportion. Using the outline of the shapes to build a well-functioning marble run is an easy way to focus on complex thinking. Marble run 2d has been produced in Switzerland in a first limited edition and is available in selected stores or on request.

Request a set via their web site. (via triangulation)



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