#people #textiles

So remember that time somebody photographed you doing that incredibly compromising thing and the pictures got out on the internet and Erin Riley wove a tapestry of it?

April 22, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Yeah, so this is that time.

Philadelphia-based artist Erin M. Riley (NSFW in a weird explicit textile sort of way) scours the internet for embarrassing and downright sketchy photos of people and weaves them into elaborate wall-covering tapestries. From her interview on Fecal Face:

So I search “upskirt”, or “drunk girl puking” then look at sketchy pictures for an hour or two, find a few that are really awesome and they sit in my folder for a bit until im ready to weave them. I don’t like to crop or alter the images too much, so it has to be a good mix of all of the elements. I like the images to be attractive and alluring while also showing you how creepy and depressing life can be. Then I trace the image on a clear sheet and project it with an overhead projector to scale. I copy it on large craft paper and lay it under my warp while I weave.

Due to the safe-for-work nature of this blog I haven’t posted the craziest stuff, so head on over to her blog here ya degenerates. (via fecal face)

#people #textiles


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