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The Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project: Guerilla Artist Inserts Artwork into Parking Tickets

April 24, 2011

Christopher Jobson

The Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project (PTERP) is a project recently started in Brooklyn, New York by an anonymous artist (whom we’ll call Dave) that has recently expanded to Boulder, Colorado as part of the Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts. The idea is pretty straightforward: Dave organizes the creation of artworks by fellow artists, children, or anyone that wants to take a stab at dulling the anger/rage an individual encounters when discovering a parking ticket left on their car. After its creation Dave scours the streets covertly stuffing the one-of-a-kind artworks into parking violation envelopes.

Here’s a huge gallery of work recently created and distributed in Boulder. Via email Dave says he doesn’t stick around to see people’s reactions, however he mentions this recent encounter:

I was distributing some final tickets on The Hill in Boulder before I left, and as I was walking away from the car to go into Roma Cafe the dude who’s car it was walked up and had obviously seen me messing with his windshield. I said “You got a ticket but you also got something else” and was walking away. His friend was like “Is that the parking ticket thing?!?!” (They had heard about it). They were psyched. He said it made his day.

To learn more about PTERP you can check out the official website and their Facebook page, or watch the video below.

#cars #government #social #street art


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