#jewelry #money #origami #paper #rings

Twelve currencies folded into rings

May 11, 2011

Christopher Jobson

After attending an interactive design workshop, Sophie Kemp was tasked with redesigning the parameters of a common interaction. For her project she chose the generous though often uninspiring act of giving money.

I decided to take the cold cut process of giving people money and enhance the experience of this action. I decided to take a dollar bill and use origami folds to make it into a ring as the giving of a ring has such emotional connections. I then made these rings out of 12 different currencies.

I’ve seen my fair share of folded origami rings, and maybe even struggled through making one myself in grade school, but seeing that same process applied across the layouts of different paper bill designs is pretty awesome. (via creative review)

#jewelry #money #origami #paper #rings


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