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Urban Intervention: A Reclaimed Parking Spot

May 18, 2011

Christopher Jobson

Since we’re on the subject of grass today, check out Green Corner, a collaboration between Helsinki-based artists Otto Karvonen and Jon Irigoyen. Described as an “urban intervention” the idea was fairly straightforward: install a grass turf lawn in a parking space creating a temporary park that calls into question the ideas of ownership and use in public spaces.

Green corner is a spatial artwork consisting of lawn that is installed on a parking space. The lawn is equipped with some comfortable garden furniture, to provide a relaxing break in the middle of the hectic urban space. The work raises questions about public space in general; to whom it belongs and what can be done with it. […] The project functions also as an invitation to a workshop taking place in June. The workshop explores the public spaces in Kallio [a neighborhood in Helsinki] and the future prospects of the area.

It would be fun to see this project expanded to entire street or intersection. I’ll bring the croquet set. (via pixelache)

Update: So I’ve been living in a public art cave. Apparently this project is very similar to, and perhaps even part of, an ongoing worldwide movement called Park(ing) Day in which hundreds of parking spots across the globe are converted into small recreational parks. A million kabillion good shots can be found here. (thnx, @thegcanyon)

#cars #grass #nature #urban


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