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Wooden Population Density Mounds

May 20, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A few days ago I stumbled onto a 2007 article over on Creative Review about a special exhibit called Global Cities held at Tate. As part of the exhibition Angus Hyland and William Russell from Pentagram designed these brilliant wooden population density mounds that represent Mumbai, London, Mexico City, and Cairo. Via Creative Review:

“The brief was to find a way of representing the mass of statistical information in the Turbine Hall that would engage and invite people to explore it,” says Pentagram’s William Russell, who designed the exhibition with Angus Hyland. “We were trying to approach an audience that’s not necessarily an architectural one. I don’t think it dumbs down the information but makes it understandable and clear.”

Incredibly clear. Not only are they engaging as sculptural pieces but also act as physical infographics, something I’m personally a huge fan of. A huge thanks to Ed Reeve and this Flickr account for providing imagery for the post.

#infographics #installation #wood


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