#giant #multiples #paper #sculpture

Otherworldly Paper Sculptures by Chun Kwang Young

June 28, 2011

Christopher Jobson

(click images for detail)

Sculptor Chun Kwang Young uses a seemingly infinite quantity of small foam wedges wrapped in Korean mulberry paper to create imposing, meteoric installations that seem to crack and splinter like fractals. Via the New York Times:

Chun’s preference for using natural dyes and handmade mulberry paper was born from childhood memories of his uncle’s pharmacy, where small medicinal herb parcels that were similarly wrapped with paper and hung in tight clusters from the ceiling in order to protect them from insects. […] “I love nature and I want to live my life in harmony with nature,” he said. “Our ancestors lived modestly and simply, and thought all lives should be respected. “I hope my work can take this traditional Korean message forward to modern society.”

Like yesterday’s paintings by Kim Hyo-Suk it’s difficult to imagine without seeing these in person that they’re actually real. (images courtesy ravenel, nate dorr, and jasmine trabelsi)

#giant #multiples #paper #sculpture


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