#eggs #packaging

Redesigning the Egg Carton

June 19, 2011

Christopher Jobson

I’m such a sucker for any attempt to redesign common objects, things that have an almost ubiquitous design that nobody has considered reengineering or improving them in ages (OXO created an entire company around this idea). Anyway, this slick design for a collapsable egg carton is by industrial design student Éva Valicsek from the Institute of Applied Arts, Sopron. The cardboard flaps are attached with rubberbands to hold the eggs firmly in place and presumably allow for the packaging to fold in on itself. I like that the eggs remain protected, yet accessible, and though I can’t see millions of eggs being transported like this, it’s a good way to get hardboiled eggs to a picnic in some flashy modern packaging. (via lovely package)

#eggs #packaging


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