Warning: Acrylic Paintings by Kim Hyo-Suk Could Cause Your Mind to Explode

When I first saw this collection of paintings by Korean artist Kim Hyo-Suk on the Yuaenssi Gallery blog, I was certain they must actually be digital illustrations. After reading a bit it’s clear they’re truly enormous acrylic paintings, each roughly 6×7 feet in scale. The series, entitled My Floating City, was painted in 2009-2010 and features human figures encumbered by (or perhaps morphing into) impossibly complex architectural figures and textures. I am by no means an expert in painting, or certainly art of any kind, I just find things that I believe are exceptional or interesting and delight in sharing them with you, however I have never encountered anything like these before and regret that after over an hour of searching I can find very little additional information about the artist other than a few additional pieces posted on Neolook. If anyone knows more about Kim Hyo-Suk I would love to hear it!

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