#music video #paper #stop motion #video

Loose Fit: Table Beggar

July 10, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A beautiful music video for Loose Fit by UK animator Abbie Stephens using an interesting subtractive technique where film stills were printed on standard printer paper and then carefully torn. From Vimeo:

Firstly a full days live action shoot took place. After a preliminary edit was locked down the movie was exported as an image sequence at 12 frames per second. Each frame was scaled and printed onto paper. 2’520 frames to be precise. Using 500ml of ink and refilling the ink cartridges about 12 times each. The printouts were then cut and torn and then stop frame animated using a rostrum camera. The animation was finally re-edited and colour corrected.

Check out some shots from the making of:

(via beware)

#music video #paper #stop motion #video


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