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Thomas Doyle’s Apocalyptic Dioramas

September 19, 2011

Christopher Jobson

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Using materials that would equally be at home amongst idyllic model train sets artist Thomas Doyle builds these incredibly intricate mixed media dioramas that instead suggest something much darker. The sense of loss and a brooding darkness is present in almost every piece, where homes dangle on sheer cliffs, or are surrounded by apocalyptic waste. The four pieces above entitled A corrective, Refuge, The barrage lifts, and Firing for effect are among the most recent works from his Distillation series, which I strongly urge you to click through if you’ve never encountered his work before.

I found Thomas Doyle while working my way through the strangely-named but enjoyable Gorky’s Granddaughter, an interview series by Christopher Joy and Zachary Keeting who sit down and chat casually with incredible artists. Good stuff.



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