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Phoebe Washburn: Nunderwater Nort Lab

November 7, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A recent site-specific installation by Phoebe Washburn (previously) for Zach Feuer Gallery in which the artist sought to juxtapose the activities of art and lunch. Via Zach Feuer:

In Nunderwater Nort Lab, Washburn has devised a site and context specific installation that juxtaposes two seemingly unrelated activities – art and lunch. Lunch is a daily activity, often overlooked, that occasionally infiltrates the gallery art viewing experience. In this installation, visitors will smell lunch as well as observe it being made and eaten inside the installation. The main structure, composed of blocks of scrap wood that have been repurposed and then ordered from previous installations, contains observational ‘worm holes’ that extend into the structure from which visitors can glean, in addition to hear and smell, bits of the activities occurring inside. In Washburn’s work, everyday objects and activities are reinterpreted to create appreciation for process and experience.

See many more images from this installation here.

#installation #plants #wood


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