#animals #Lego #taxidermy #toys

Designer LEGO Taxidermy Kits by David Cole

December 22, 2011

Christopher Jobson

A few weeks ago Brooklyn-based designer David Cole quietly released a miniature taxidermy LEGO deer in his online shop. The deer was a custom design using random bricks sourced from numerous suppliers around the internet and was a natural extension of other pixelated art he had been experimenting with. Cole forward the link to a few design blogs and the response was swift and viral, selling 250 of the kits almost immediately and amassing a waiting list of nearly 1,500 people (I included the kit in my design blogger wishlist on the very fine a few weeks ago). The success was so great it piqued the interest of the New York Times who just today interviewed Cole about his custom LEGO designs. As of this moment the deer is once again back in stock and he’s added a lovely fox and bear to the lineup.

#animals #Lego #taxidermy #toys


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