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Nikolaj Lund Reinvents Portraiture of Classical Musicians

May 3, 2012

Christopher Jobson

If you had to think of a word to describe the portraits of classical musicians and their instruments, what would it be? The one I thought of is: extremely boring. OK that’s two words. But really, when is the last time you saw an exciting photograph of a trombonist? Award-winning photographer (and cellist!) Nikolaj Lund has clearly identified the problem and solved it. His fun and often aggressive portraits take classical musicians out of the orchestra pit and off the stage and literally hurls them in the ocean, makes them tumble on the streets, and stagger through the desert. If I was a musician I would be calling this guy immediately (fyi, he’s based in Denmark). You can see much more of his work on Flickr, and his website. (via reddit)



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