A Landmark & A Mission: Sketchbook Mobile Library Tour Postponed Two Weeks

Last month I headed up to Brooklyn to curate the Landmark and A Mission Mobile Library Tour, a collaboration with the Sketchbook Project where I picked out 1,000 sketchbooks from their massive library to go on tour in a specially constructed mobile trailer. It was a ridiculous amount of fun and it was great to spend some time with their amazingly dedicated staff while I pored through a couple thousand sketchbooks from around the world. A huge thanks to Steven, Sara, Chris, Jessica, Naomi and everyone else at the Art House Co-op for their help.

And then there was hurricane. Fortunately the Sketchbook Project’s library and staff are all safe and accounted for after Sandy, however it’s a tall order to get the mobile library on tour by this weekend. So we’ve bumped things up two weeks and the mobile sketchbook library will hit Pittsburgh on November 16, Ann Arbor on November 17, and Cleveland on the 18th. For specific times and places visit the Landmark and A Mission web site. Sorry for any inconvenience but hopefully we’ll see you in two weeks!