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#Azuma Makoto #plants #trees

An Underwater Bonsai Tree by Azuma Makoto

December 27, 2012

Christopher Jobson

In his continued forays into experimental botany that blur the lines between art and science, artist Azuma Makoto (previously) has reimagined the bonsai tree, one of the oldest Japanese art forms. This latest work titled “Water and Bonsai” began with a dead branch from a juniper tree which was carefully attached to java moss meant to simulate the form of leaves. The entire piece was then submerged into a modified hydroponic environment similar to some of his earlier aquatic plantscapes replete with LEDs, a filtration system, and CO2 emissions that encourage photosynthesis. See more over on Spoon & Tamago.

#Azuma Makoto #plants #trees


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