Beautiful LEGO: A Book About the Art of LEGO by Mike Doyle

Doc Edgerton (2010) © Tom Simon

Rearing Stallion (2011) © Tim Goddard

Cube Dudes (2013) © Angus MacLane

New Holland Honeyeater (2011) © Gabriel Thomson

Flower Petal Study (2002) © Katie Walker


There are those of us who regard LEGO bricks as a nostalgic toy from childhood, while others might still occasionally assemble kits as a hobby or perhaps as a way to bond with children. And then there are the select few who have an unwavering obsession with the tiny plastic bricks, who fiddle endlessly to find the perfect block to create sculptural objects so exquisitely designed, that it becomes art.

LEGO artist Mike Doyle (previously here and here) collected some of the most amazing people working with LEGO today in his new book Beautiful LEGO from No Starch Press. The 280 page book is filled with some 400 photos of LEGO creations from over 70 artists, and seems to be the most thorough book on LEGO art ever written. You can take a peek inside over on Mike’s blog, and although it’s not published until October 7th, you can preorder it now. All photos above reproduced from Beautiful LEGO, with the permission of No Starch Press.

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