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Artist Guy Laramée Carves a Mountainous Landscape from an Encyclopedia Britannica Set

December 23, 2013

Christopher Jobson







In one of his most ambitious book sculptures to date artist Guy Laramée (previously here and here) created an homage to the printed Encyclopedia Britannica by transforming a 24-volume set into a sloping mountainous landscape. Titled Adieu, Laramée says the work was inspired in part by Encyclopedia Britannica’s announcement that after 244 years the would cease printing its iconic multi-volume book sets. The artist relied on his travels in Ecuador, Peru and Brazil to arrive at the final form carved into the book tops that gradually morphs from green mountains to grasslands and semi-desert prairies. Watch the video above by Sébastien Ventura to see the piece in detail, and you can also see more of Laramée’s recent work over at JHB Gallery.



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