#bicycles #music video

Making Music with a Bike

January 15, 2014

Christopher Jobson


Composer Johnnyrandom just released a new track recorded entirely by sampling sounds from a bicycle and its related components. Titled Bespoken, the track was created without the aid of synthesizers, samplers or drum machines (if you’re skeptical he even provided every sound broken down into component parts over on SoundCloud). The video above is just a teaser, but you can downloaded the whole thing off iTunes and it’s actually pretty great. If you’re a fan of ambient/electronic music it’ll be up your alley. If you liked this, also check out the work of Diego Stocco.

Update: A number of you wrote to mention Frank Zappa’s famous bit from the Steve Allen show where he makes music live on stage using a bicycle back in 1963.

Update 2: According to Johnnyrandom the first musical bicycle may have been invented as early as 1899.

#bicycles #music video


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