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Figurative Sculptures Welded from Steel Scraps by Jordi Diez Fernandez

February 20, 2014

Christopher Jobson

9-Rostro de Ildefonso CerdÖ

Monument a Ildefons Cerda

8- Ildefonso CerdÖ II.

Monument a Ildefons Cerda

10- Ildefonso CerdÖ. Detalle.

Monument a Ildefons Cerda

11- Ildefonso CerdÖ. Espalda

Monument a Ildefons Cerda

12- Ildefonso CerdÖ. Perfil.

Monument a Ildefons Cerda

13-Ildefons CerdÖ. Vista noct.

Monument a Ildefons Cerda


Amantes de Acero

26- age quod agis

Age Quod Agis

32- El Umbral.

El Umbral

34- El Umbral.

El Umbral



Barcelona-based sculptor Jordi Diez Fernandez works pimarily with welded steel fragments to create monumental human forms. His most recent piece is a tribute to civil engineer Ildefons Cerdà (top) who was largely responsible for designing the 19th-century extension of Barcelona called the Eixample, a memorial now on view in the municipality of Centelles. You can see much more of Fernandez’s work on his website and over on Behance.


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