New in the Shop: Colossal + Pawn Works Sticker Packs


I’m super excited to announce that Colossal has partnered with our friends over at the Pawn Works Sticker Club to bring you a pack of 12 stickers from 12 great artists including Ludo, Eelus, Gaia, Gabriel SPECTER, Left Handed Wave, MissBugs, ABCNT, DB Burkeman & Tristan Eaton, Sweet TOOF, Cryptik, Dain and Rene Gagnon. Stick ’em to your computer, desk, trapper keeper, bobsled, or even your first born. The Colossal + Pawn Work Sticker Pack is just $12 and you get bonus Pawn Works and Colossal stickers. That’s 14 whole stickers! Boom.