#Japan #mountains #Mt. Fuji #shadows

Photographer Captures Perfect Shadow of Mt. Fuji at Sunrise

July 27, 2014

Christopher Jobson


While climbing Mt. Fuji in 2012, photographer Kris J B managed to capture this crystal clear shot of the mountain’s shadow at sunrise. The 12,388 ft. Fuji is notoriously shy and is often obscured by low hanging clouds or fog. This was the photographer’s 4th attempt to climb the mountain, an ascent in 2011 left him with a tantalizing, but ultimately unsatisfactory photograph of the mountain’s perfectly triangular shadow stretching out toward the horizon. In 2012 he arrived prepared and returned with this amazing shot.

After posting it online two years ago, K B’s image spread like wildfire and he quickly lost control of his rights. The photo was used widely without his permission, a story he recently shared with PetaPixel. K B now lives and works in England, and you can follow more of his photography on his website and over on Facebook. Image courtesy the photographer.

#Japan #mountains #Mt. Fuji #shadows


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