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The Putter: A Meditative Video on the Art of Making Scissors by Hand

July 1, 2014

Christopher Jobson

On its most basic level, this is a five minute video of a guy making a few pairs of scissors by hand. But what could have been a mundane shoot of a master craftsman using archaic tools to create common household objects, is completely elevated by filmmaker Shaun Bloodworth into something strikingly beautiful. The film’s subject, Cliff Denton, is one of the world’s last “putters” (literally “a putter togetherer of scissors”) who works at Ernest Wright & Sons in Sheffield, a company that has been hand-making scissors and shears for 112 years. Watch and be transfixed. Is this another example of autonomous sensory meridian response? Music by The Black Dog. (via Devour)

Update: Ernest Wright & Sons scissors are now available in the Colossal Shop.






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