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Portraits of Birds Ruffling with Personality by Leila Jeffreys

September 18, 2014

Christopher Jobson


Pepper. Southern Boobook.


Trinity. Brown Goshawk.


Bob. Long-Billed Corella.


Jarra. Cockatiel.


Yule. Barking Owl.


Neville. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo.


Neville. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo


Seisa. Palm Cockatoo



Penguin. Magpie. (She’s not dead, just goofing off!)

To say photographer Leila Jeffreys had an eclectic upbringing would be a bit of an understatement. With a mother from India and a father from the Isle of Man, she has lived in Papua New Guinea, a house boat in Kashmir despite an ongoing war, and in an Indian village surrounded by buffaloes, mongoose, and monkeys.

As a child, Jeffreys was taught by her father to rescue and nurse birds back to health, an experience that resulted in a deep understanding of wildlife that is immediately apparent when viewing her spectacular portraits of birds. Her affectionate photographs of owls, eagles, cockatiels and budgies seem to capture the essence of each animal’s personality, portraying many of them with surprisingly human characteristics.

Jeffreys now lives in Sydney and recently completed work on her latest series of predatory birds titled Prey. She just opened an exhibition at Olsen Irwin Gallery that runs through September 28, and you can also see a collection of her cockatiel photos later this year at Purdy Hicks Gallery in London. Do yourself a favor and follow her on Instagram.



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