Sponsor // Drawing the Human Face: A Primer (Free Downloadable Guide)

Craftsy (May 4)

Get Craftsy’s exclusive Free eGuide to Drawing the Human Face.

Are your drawings of faces not turning out how you’d like? Get the guidance you need to bring faces to life with Craftsy’s exclusive eGuide featuring five easy-to-follow tutorials, helpful tips and photos. With this handy, printable resource you’ll learn how to replicate facial proportions, accurately portray eyes and lips, and capture the shape and value of hair. Discover the keys to success and draw your best works yet when you get the eGuide today. Download the free eGuide to Drawing the Human Face by experts Paul Heaston and Sandrine Pelissier.

Everything you need is available. Highlights include how to draw facial features, drawing a realistic head, tips for drawing realistic eyes, keys to drawing realistic hair, and a step-by-step tutorial to drawing lips. Get the Free eGuide to Drawing the Human Face here.