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New Toadstool Sculptures Crafted From Vintage Textiles by Self-Taught Artist Mister Finch

December 11, 2015

Kate Sierzputowski


All images by Patricia Heal

Mister Finch (previously here and here) returns this holiday season with brand new specimens, toadstools produced from vintage fabrics that capture the mushroom-capped fungus is elegant detail. Like those who enjoy the hunt of a dedicated mushroom forage, Mister Finch likes the adventure of finding the perfect fabric, utilizing materials from wedding dresses to curtains rich in history to sew his hauntingly accurate works.

In additional to mushrooms—flowers, insects, and birds also capture the creative attention of the UK-based artist due to their lifecycles and the British folklore that surrounded the particular flora and fauna. Although he has no classic training in either sewing or sculpture, Mister Finch’s sculptures beautifully capture the fine detail inherent to his small subject matter, delicately crafting everything from root systems to subtle hints of rot.

For his current exhibition, Mister Finch has included sculptures and photographs taken by the photographer Patricia Heal. These images place the toadstools against black backdrops, bringing attention to the superb craftsmanship of his work and its relationship to a Victorian era aesthetic. These works will occupy Steven Kasher Gallery in New York City through December 23rd, 2015. To see more of Mister Finch’s vintage textile crafted works visit his Instagram and Facebook page here. (via Wallpaper*)










#mushrooms #plants #sculpture


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