Win $500 in Merch with Artist Shops by Threadless (Sponsor)

October 27, 2016



Want to win some free merch and create an online store for your art? Sign up and create an Artist Shop for a chance to earn $500 worth of merchandise from your own shop! They say it takes money to make money. But when the cost of signing up for an Artist Shop is 100% free and can get tons of free stuff? Well, that’s not too shabby. The only way you won’t have a shot at winning is if you don’t enter the contest – create your own Artist Shop now for your chance. Chance to win ends 12/1/16 at 12pm CT.

Artist Shops by Threadless make running your online shop easy by taking care of all the hassle, leaving you more time to make great art. And best of all, sign up is totally free.



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