Discover a New Kind of Network at Parsons School of Design (Sponsor)

January 9, 2017


What happens when interior designers collaborate with urban planners, when musicians take inspiration from psychologists, or when screenwriters debate with data analysts?

At The New School Open Campus – our unique approach to continuing education – puts students at the heart of university life, creating a collaborative and cross-disciplinary network like no other. Whether you’re taking a short course in the Business of Design on campus in New York City, or studying on our online learning hub, you’ll interact with people who think uniquely, but share your progressive outlook and desire to make a positive impact.

Explore certificates in Fashion Design and Business, Graphic, Digital, and Interior Design at Parsons School of Design, and discover a new kind of network that extends far beyond the classroom.

Visit us on January 12th at 6pm for an info session on Art & Design Courses & Certificates with Parsons. RSVP today.



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