Explore Japanese Art, Design, and Architecture in the Free JAPAN 99+1 Travel Guide (Sponsor)

March 17, 2017

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Nakajima Library, Akita International University

For the last six months an international group of writers, designers, and travel experts has written a guide to Japan that avoids typical tourist spots and focuses instead on exciting design-centric travel to places visitors rarely explore.

The free downloadable book, JAPAN 99+1: Traveling Through Art, Design, and Architecture, and its companion website, has been published by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) as a way to help travel agencies and planners discover entirely new ways of experiencing a country famous for temples, cherry trees, and ancient traditions of design and craft.

Many of the locales mentioned, whether inside the Tokyo metropolis or remote countryside areas and islands, have been designed by Japan’s best architects, so there’s a strong emphasis on this part of the experience. To put it all into context, Editor-in-chief Roland Hagenberg has interviewed these architects about their work, but within the frame of actual locations you can experience in person during your travels in Japan.

Although the print edition of JAPAN 99+1 is free, its global distribution is limited primarily to the travel industry. However, the same content and more can be found on the project’s website, art.japan.travel, for you to discover right now. Download your free digital copy of JAPAN 99+1, no registration required.

Miho Museum

Aqua Ignis Kataoka Onsen

Oku-Noto Triennale © Naoki Ishikawa

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