For Winsor & Newton’s Professional Acrylic Paints, Consistency is Key

August 21, 2017

Winsor and Newton

In order to have free reign over your creative ideas, access to consistent tools and materials is essential. Winsor & Newton have taken the guesswork out with their Professional Acrylic paint range: rigorous laboratory testing ensures optimum performance each and every time you uncap a tube.

And now you can see, behind the scenes, how this analysis works. Newly released videos from Winsor & Newton’s London lab document the carefully calibrated process that helps to deliver impeccable paint with every brushstroke. These trials are central to Winsor & Newton’s innovative approach, and are the final step in a process of research and development that yields the brand’s premium products.

‘Color Men’, the lab’s set of expert chemists, work closely with in-house artists on research and development, and are dedicated to testing Winsor & Newton’s products again and again. They’re responsible for ensuring absolute consistency in Professional Acrylic paints.

As a starting point, the Color Men test each Winsor & Newton paint’s opacity levels by examining the degree to which light can pass through it. This test uses a carefully calibrated machine that was built expressly for the process. Color is pulled over special high-contrast cards using an applicator bar, and, once dry, the opacity is measured to ensure perfect levels of coverage over both black and white backgrounds.

Winsor & Newton isn’t just accounting for results: they meticulously monitor the viscosity of their Professional Acrylic to ensure a consistency that’s buttery, reliable, and easy to work with. The Color Men measure viscosity and texture through resistance, by using a viscometer spindle stirred within the paint at a predetermined speed.

As a final measure of engineering perfection, Winsor & Newton ensure the right balance of materials in their Professional Acrylic paint by testing specific gravity—adhering to strict specifications on the volume of each ingredient. The result? Perfect paint, every time.

Learn more about Winsor & Newton’s testing process and Professional Acrylic Paints at winsornewton.com/na/professional-acrylic-paint.





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