Winsor & Newton’s True Colors (Sponsor)

September 4, 2017


The colors are bright and vivid – and they’re the same every time. That’s thanks to the careful and deliberate machine precision that goes into testing every Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic paint. And with their newly released videos, you can go behind the scenes at their London laboratory to see just how they ensure these incredible displays of different shades, again and again.

The secret ingredient behind Winsor & Newton’s Professional Acrylic paint is a group of expert chemists, known as ‘Color Men’, along with a set of in-house artists. Together, they research, develop and discover new paints. This expert team effort provides a range of new products as well as quality assurance. When it comes to color, they have it covered – and tested.

First, the experts examine the light fastness of their Professional Acrylic line of paints. Shining UV light onto color swatches, Winsor & Newton replicate the long-term exposure of paint to light. Measured in real time, the team tracks any signs of fading over 100 hours,  so that you can be guaranteed  that your work will have up to 100 years of lasting color.

The next test measures each Professional Acrylic paint’s color stability. After being loaded into specially designed beakers, the paint is  incubated for extensive periods at extreme temperatures. This ensures the intensity of the colors will survive the inevitable ups and downs of storage, with color guaranteed to be preserved for up to five years.

At the final stage, the opacity of the Professional Acrylic paints is put to the test. The Color Men apply color to specially designed, high contrast chart cards, and then pull the paint at a specific thickness across the card, to ensure that whether you’re painting miniatures or in broad strokes, Winsor & Newton’s Professional Acrylic Paints always deliver perfect consistency.

The rigorous testing that each paint undergoes results in remarkably consistent, reliable materials. By the time Professional Acrylic paints reach your hands, they’ve been tried and tested (and tested, and tested) so you can have the confidence that every color is a color that will work for you.

Learn more about Winsor & Newton’s testing process and Professional Acrylic Paints at winsornewton.com/na/professional-acrylic-paint.





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