Artist Bing Lin Discusses Her Experience with MassArt’s Dynamic Media Institute

October 23, 2017


Bing Lin, “gameLAN 2.0” (2016) (all images courtesy the artist. MFA Dynamic Media Institute)

“The Dynamic Media Institute (DMI) at MassArt appealed to me because it connects research, fine art, and design thinking within a studio environment. It was a perfect place for me to study because it allowed me to pursue my work in a deep way through focused courses and one-on- one mentorship.

My thesis, gameLAN 2.0, was inspired by my experience playing in a Javanese Gamelan ensemble. By linking the sounds of drums, xylophones and string instruments to a visual medium, gameLAN 2.0 allows simultaneous translation from sound to visual projections.

MassArt’s digital fabrication lab enabled me to design and construct the object through which users translate the traditional gamelan sounds in new ways while witnessing a visual manifestation of their efforts. MassArt continues to be a unique place to call home and I am grateful to be apart of our strong alumni community.”

— Bing Lin (Design/Dynamic Media MFA ’16)

Learn more at massart.edu/graduate-programs.

Bing Lin, “gameLAN 2.0” (2016)

Bing Lin, “gameLAN 2.0” (2016)





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