#architecture #installation #sculpture

The Subverted Architecture and Twisted Objects of Alex Chinneck

February 8, 2018

Laura Staugaitis

Birth, death, and a midlife crisis

British sculptor Alex Chinneck (previously) upends the steady, reliable nature of banal structures that we interact with every day through his architectural interventions. Overturned swaths of car parking lots, twisted broomstick handles, and inverted building facades are executed with such precise detail that it is difficult to determine where reality ends and surreality begins. Chinneck describes one particular piece to It’s Nice That as “sculpturally bold but contextually sensitive,” which seems an apt description of his entire body of work. You can see more on his website and Instagram. (via It’s Nice That)

Take my lighting but don’t steal my thunder

Take my lighting but don’t steal my thunder

Under the weather but over the moon


Telling the truth though false teeth

Telling the truth through false teeth

Pick yourself up and pull yourself together

Pick yourself up and pull yourself together

A bullet from a shooting star

#architecture #installation #sculpture


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