The Universe Contemplated in Taos, with Sound and Light, at PASEO 2018 (Sponsor)

August 20, 2018


Artist Cristopher Cichocki works on Circular Dimensions

The PASEO nighttime art festival emerged in 2014 as a platform to present installation, performance and projection art on the streets of Taos Historic District. Taos, New Mexico is a town with a long-standing reputation as an art destination and is arguably one of the oldest art colonies in the United States, founded in 1898. The town itself was established in 1615 and is adjacent to the thousand-year-old Taos Pueblo. Combined, Taos is perhaps an unlikely site for a new media art festival, focused this year on the cosmos, however the community has embraced the event.

At the PASEO 2018, local, national and international artists will present immersive and participatory art installations that harness art, science, and technology to explore the idea of “Space” –both outer and inner space– through multi-sensory experiences. The nexus for the festival will be the Space Cloud in Kit Carson Park, an inflated 8,000 sq. ft. pavilion designed by Espacio La Nube of Madrid, Spain. Within the Space Cloud, the park and throughout the adjoining streets of Taos, 18 art interactions will engage the community with thought-provoking and playful experiences for public sharing. Pre- and post-festival workshops and parties are planned.

Learn about the 30 artists who are part of this year’s festival.

The PASEO 2018 is slated for September 14 and 15, 7–11 pm.





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