Top Graduate Design Programs that Anticipate the Future

October 1, 2018


Design is a powerful tool for change. At Parsons School of Design in New York City, graduate students use design to tackle the world’s most complex challenges from a human-centered perspective. Through focused training, experimentation, and exploration, they combine multiple disciplines and harness their creativity to create a more just, better-designed world.

Check out these highlights among Parsons’ 17 master’s programs in which students apply design methods to specific fields:

Data Visualization
Apply design to data. In this one-year program, students combine design with computer science, statistical analysis, and social consciousness to turn information into insight. Graduates are able to distill and display data that shapes decisions, policy, and change across professional sectors.

Design and Urban Ecologies
Apply design to the streets. Transform cities by redesigning urban processes alongside the communities that live there. Gain a broad understanding of urban development and pursue projects that transform community organizing, public space, housing, infrastructure, and more.

Lighting Design
Apply design to darkness. Explore the relationship between lighting and human experience, sustainability, and social impact, with a solid foundation in the intellectual, aesthetic, and technical dimensions of light. Option to combine with studies in Architecture or Interior Design.

Strategic Design and Management
Apply design to business. This program uses design tools like ideation, prototyping, and collaboration to develop new business models and organizational designs. Graduates are equipped with strategy, management, and entrepreneurship skills needed to lead the 21st-century global economy.

Apply design to fiber. Students in this program explore the unlimited applications of textiles and the potential to unite craft & digital technology. Graduates are prepared for diverse creative and professional opportunities related to textiles in fashion, product design, interior design, research, fine arts, and hybrid fields.





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