Aerial Photographer Kevin Krautgartner Uses Squarespace to Showcase the Earth’s Fragile Beauty

February 28, 2019


Island Sunsets

While those of us in the northern hemisphere eagerly await the arrival of spring, photographer Kevin Krautgartner travels the world capturing envy-inducing views. Krautgartner focuses his lens on a wide array of subjects, ranging from architectural interiors to soaring urban skylines. But the German photographer’s most wanderlust-inspiring images are shot from the sky in sunny, rugged, and remote landscapes. Recent work has taken him to the Seychelles islands, Italy’s Dolomite mountains, and the glacial rivers of Iceland.

The artist studied at University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund, Germany, and shares with Colossal that his dual academic training in photography and graphic design has informed his work as a professional photographer. He uses formal tenets of design to create tension through lines and forms, and he explains that he finds himself almost automatically drawn to scenes based on their compositional makeup.

Krautgartner explains that his design finesse makes Squarespace the perfect platform for showcasing his work online. Squarespace’s themes and customization options allow him to create the exact environment he wants for his work, down to custom fonts. He cites the ease of use and high-quality customer support that allow him to focus on his creative projects. Krautgartner also puts his creativity to work by selling fine art prints of his photographs using Squarespace’s seamless e-commerce integration. “The easy to set up e-commerce system allows me to present my prints in a high quality in just a few minutes. And I’m able to offer my photographs in different variations, so the customer can choose a print on different materials as well as in different sizes.”

In his gallery-ready images, Krautgartner deftly captures atmospheric conditions, conveying the warm, clear air of tropical climates, as well as the grey, damp essence of cooler regions. Rippling ocean waves, transitioning trees in autumn, craggy bare rocks, and the verdant foliage of palm trees add textural elements to the photographer’s carefully composed images.  Whether shooting with a drone or from a chartered aircraft, aerial photography allows the artist to capture moments of surprise and awe. “You never know what to expect when you are going up in the air. I think I have the responsibility to remind as many people as I can how beautiful nature is, and how important it is for us to think about what we do with our land and what impact human intervention has.”

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Southern Waves

Autumn in the Dolomites

Nature’s Colors

Glacier Rivers

First Light on the Island

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