Lively Designs by Studio Proba Celebrate Movement and Color

March 25, 2019


A Poster A Day rugs

New York-based artist Alex Proba has been sweeping the Big Apple with her large scale, pastel-hued artwork in diverse forms ranging from painted murals to hand-tufted rugs. The artist, who works as Studio Proba, has a multi-faceted background, with academic training in furniture, spatial, and graphic design, and an impressive career as a design director at Mother New York and artistic director at Nike.

She launched the Studio in 2013 as a side project, and since taking her business full-time, Proba has built an impressive client list, creating original work for brands like Google, Lululemon, and DropBox. Whether painting a barrel vaulted ceiling at a health clinic or designing a rug for a children’s library, Proba’s distinctive aesthetic ties her work together. Swirls and dollops of color, in flat fields or dappled with terrazzo-like patterns, are layered and interspersed with gestural neutral-toned lines that draw the eye to every shape.

Proba has been a Squarespace user for over six years. Because her Studio toes the line between fine art and commercial design, she takes advantage of the extensive customization of Squarespace’s website templates to showcase her unique offerings. “I needed something that is like me, ever-changing and able to adjust quickly,” Proba explains. With its vast selection of templates and ecommerce capabilities, “Squarespace allows me to add work quickly, but it also gives me all the tools to run a small studio shop, which is easy to use for the buyer and for me.”

By using Squarespace, Proba is able to grow and adapt her website to reflect her evolving brand. “Before I painted my first mural I thought, ‘Wait can I do it? I don’t know what I am doing.’ And then you just go for it and figure it out. I feel like that applies to almost everything. Just trust your gut. Even if you fail, you’ve tried, and you’ve gained a lot from it. You’ve grown, you’ve learned.”

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Pat Kim x Studio Proba for Industry City

Mural for MeMe’s Diner

Puzzle rug

Mural for TIA Clinic

Elle rug

Mural for Lululemon

Collage rug

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