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Explore Mathematical Concepts Hands-On With a Paper Folding Kit by Kelli Anderson

May 9, 2019

Laura Staugaitis

Brooklyn-based designer Kelli Anderson (previously) continues to wow us with her inventive and interactive paper creations. Anderson’s Folding Paper DIY Kit builds on mathematical concepts to provide a hands-on way to learn about the shape-shifting possibilities of this everyday material. Each kit includes eight sheets of auxetic folding patterns along with instructions for each design: the Miura-ori fold, Ron Resch’s Square Twist, a modified version of the classic Waterbomb pattern, and an experimental Sequent fold. Fun fact: this kit was inspired by a workshop Anderson designed as part of Colossal’s exhibition Inflatable at the Exploratorium! You can find the Folding Paper DIY Kit in The Colossal Shop.



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